Engaging Us

Aiming to form a solid foundation for a partnership of equals, and setting out expectations and safeguards clients deserve.

The IP Profession is a regulated profession.

Concerto IP embraces the concept of regulation, aims to exceed compliance and has used many of its features as inspiration for protecting and advancing client interests for the benefit of the IP ecosystem as a whole.

How We Conduct Business

Terms of Business are essential in business relationships so that the parties know what to expect. To fit the 21st Century market place, we set ourselves two goals.

The first goal was to be as concise, clear and transparent as we could in a document of this sort, as well as complete.

The second was to recognise that the business relationships we aim for are partnerships, that partnerships are two-sided and that our Terms of Business would reflect that.

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Standard Terms of Business
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Last updated October 11, 2021

New Client – First Contact
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Data Protection & Privacy Notice 
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Last updated May 25, 2018

We make sure our Standard Terms of Business keep pace with market demands. When we make changes, we’ll make sure you can easily see the individual changes before they come into effect.

See the changes we made last time at the link below.

Compare Current and Past Engagement Terms

The documents we generate and receive on your IP affairs belong to you, not us. We accept a legal duty to look after your documents in an organized way with complete confidentiality, and to give you full access to them.

We keep your documents on a matter until well after it is concluded. Our document retention policy sets out what we normally do and how you can influence that.

About Your Documents

We’re careful to protect clients from conflicts of interest and follow a Regulator-approved formal policy and process.

This includes elements to ensure safe implementation of urgent instructions is not delayed when a conflict risk is identified for assessment – no-one should lose or be inconvenienced.

How we Protect you from Conflicts of Interest

We see feedback as a tool for improvement so as to optimise relationships. Our attitude to complaints is no different – you won’t experience resistance or defensiveness if you complain to us about something.

And our complaints procedure is designed to make it easy for you – it puts the pressure on us, which is how it should be.

Making it Easy to Complain to Us

Our Regulator (IPReg) requires us to give you basic information on how to complain to it or to the Legal Ombudsman (LEO).

We decided to go a little further – see our Help Note at the link below.

Help Making an Official Complaint

Concerto IP acts for clients on the basis of Terms of Business which include limitations on and exclusions from our liability.

Our Terms of Business also includes indemnities which protect us from certain incidents which are not within our control.

You can see the above limitations, exclusions and liabilities using the link below, which should, of course, be seen in the context of our Terms of Business.

Limitations on and Exclusions from our Liability, Indemnities