Standing Apart

Legal flair, business experience, obsessively service-oriented

Strong beliefs on what makes true excellence in Intellectual Property services give us a different mind-set, and mean we have different behaviours and offer a different client experience:

  • Excellence as an overall IP service experience
  • Trust through straightforwardness, transparency and simplicity
  • Flexing and stretching to accommodate busy clients
  • Understanding what being a client’s IP ‘partner‘ really means
  • An over-arching aim to build relationships that last
  • Top end of the scale professional capability

Working with us


We work with the goal of becoming, in time, the client’s trusted IP partner. Looking beyond the horizon of just providing a good professional product, we will invest the energy, commitment, imagination and patience to achieve that bigger goal.

Professional capability

We’ve a track record of success helping clients benefit from their innovation, often representing important client IP interests. This commonly means legal work which squeezes through gaps and succeeds against the odds, perhaps to help a client maintain market leadership. Achieving outcomes such as these calls for intensity of application and real commitment – part of what we mean by partnership.

Take a look at Services & Experience and Testimonials for a fuller picture.

Business-experienced approach

We’re people who “think business” just as you do. It’s a trait that defines us and makes working with us different. We’ll always be business-oriented, straightforward, clear and open. We’ll work hard to make sure that on time and on budget always mean what they say.  Our agenda will always reflect yours.

Personal standards

Personal standards, practical intelligence and the commitment and energy to deliver them are more important to service excellence than any other ingredient.

We’ve set down, in unique Core Values, the behaviours that guarantee those ingredients.  We aim to make sure those values are experienced by everyone who entrusts their IP interests to our care.

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