New to IP

Introducing new ideas to intellectual property.  Introducing experienced innovators to Concerto IP.

What we’re here to do

We love talking to people with new ideas in business and technology.  They might be looking for a patent attorney:

  • to act for them in making a patent application for their new idea
  • to challenge a competitor’s patent
  • to help upgrade their management of IP and IP expenses

But these are just examples.  We’re equally as interested in innovators who just need basic IP advice.

New Ideas start with IP Education

UK innovators are among the best on the planet.  But not many are as good at protecting their work. German residents file almost 3 times as many patent applications as UK residents (per million population).  UK just gets into the Euro Top 10 of the IP League Table.  We are are behind Norway and just ahead of Belgium.  The message is that you shouldn’t be put off IP because you think your ideas can’t be protected.  As patent attorneys, we may not agree.

Find out more about us

You can find out more about our services and experience here.  Click on the concertina links on that page to see brief Stories behind our experience.  Then take a look at our Core Values to see how working with us can be a different service experience.




Statistics source:  World Intellectual Property Organisation (link)

About First Contact

Call us on +44 (0)1277 896313 (v-card download) and then meet us at your business premises or at our Harlow offices.  Alternatively, choose one of the MeetIP locations we’ve listed at the end of this page, which may make life easier for clients in other parts of Essex, Hertfordshire and North and East London.

Like all our client meetings, First Contact meetings are individual, and confidentiality is guaranteed by the Code of Conduct set down by our Regulator.   There are also extra safeguards we contractually agree to keep in place.  Most initial meetings last about an hour, but we leave that to you.

We know you need to use your time efficiently, so we’ll get to grips with your requirements in a confidential pre-meeting telephone consultation.  All being well, we can do this when you first call us. For experienced innovators, it can take just a few minutes. For newer innovators, we’ll usually need more time and, of course, we allow for that.

Get started and make the most of an engagement with us

You might just be looking for initial advice to help you as you start a new business initiative.  So that you can get the best from your contact with us, here are just a few questions you might find it useful to raise:

  • How can I identify innovations in my business which could be protected?
  • What should I do when I’ve identified a candidate?
  • What should I never do either before or after I’ve identified a candidate?
  • What forms of protection are available to my business?
  • How do I licence-out innovations we make in our business?
  • What are the business risks associated with IP owned by other people?
  • How should I prepare for IP due diligence in our next round of investment?
  • How can I be sure of our ownership of IP?
Why Choose Concerto IP?

We have a track record of success, especially so in tough IP matters –  squeezing through the gaps, pulling rabbits out of hats.  You’ll find evidence of that in our detailed Testimonials, and you can take a look at the Stories we use to outline our Services and Experience.  A lot of what we achieve comes through a focused professional intensity – we work pretty hard for our clients.

But we also understand how businesses work – we think business just as you do.  This gives us commercial insights.  We recognise what the daily pressures and needs are, we understand the importance of relevance and we know how a professional can best behave in complex legal situations.  It’s a service with a different tone, and it offers a different experience.

The behaviours which lead to that are highlighted in our Core Values.  These values direct how the team deals with intellectual property clients and make us a real IP partner – not simply an expert for hire.

MeetIP Locations
London Central (Canary Wharf) Chrisp Street Exchange, 12 Vesey Path, Poplar, London E14 7SG MAP
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