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“Malcolm is an individual of vision and great energy. During his period as CEO … he impressed me with his initiative for a major change to create a modernized organization…Malcolm’s energy and positive attitude to these challenges were noticeably reflected in the personality of the organization.”

Former Judge, Germany; November 14, 2013

“Malcolm sees the bigger picture, possesses huge drive to achieve excellence, has the stamina and commitment to see it through ……”

Creative Director, UK Graphic Designers; February 5, 2015

“Malcolm made a point to visit us when he was in the US and we are not in a major city so he had to go out of his way to do this. So while we are separated by an ocean, working with him has been very easy and fruitful.”

CEO, US Company; April 16, 2009

“… a level of can-do attitude equaling that of any CEO within my experience. It’s not an overall skills set one encounters every day.”

Chairman, UK Company; January 9, 2015

“I have known Malcolm professionally for almost 20 years. …His diligence and attention to detail are unmatched … and his strategic planning and strength of advocacy are superb.”

Partner, US law firm; March 12, 2015

“I find working with Malcolm refreshing. There is the boundless energy – he’s someone who has no intention of slowing down and still has LOTS to do ...”

Management Consultant, UK Firm; November 30, 2015

“Malcolm ….. works hard and the firm is highly responsive ….”

Partner, US law Firm; April 14, 2009

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