IP Practitioners

Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

Working with clients to protect and manage their innovation as a business asset.  Helping clients to identify and manage risk from third party IP.

Registered with Regulators as:

  • European Patent Attorneys
  • Chartered UK Patent Attorneys
  • Trade Mark Attorneys
  • Certified Higher Courts IP Litigators

Who we are


Concerto IP represents the patent, trade mark, design right and other intellectual property interests of clients from UK and elsewhere over a range of technologies and business sectors.

Our experience extends to jurisdictions across the globe; we act under UK and European law, multinational laws such as the European Patent Convention (EPC) and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), as well as under foreign laws using the network of local partners we have established in most countries.

We’re a company, with a corporate culture and outlook. Malcolm Lawrence is CEO, Principle Attorney and Head of Legal Practice.

Concerto IP has a unique brand, and it’s supported by Core Values which you probably won’t find anywhere else.

What we do

We engage with clients as expert partners to:

  • Protect, defend, transact in and help manage innovation and Intellectual Property as a business asset
  • Help to identify and harvest IP in client organisations, perhaps creating a sizeable and valuable IP portfolio
  • Help to identify, and to manage or erase, third party IP risks which may threaten client business interests

More about what we do can be found at Services & Experience and you can read what others think about us at Testimonials.


Originally in London, Malcolm started his first IP practice in Harlow in 1985. This expanded to become a PLC in 2006. With Malcolm as CEO for its first 7 years, the company was assessed as No 1 UK IP Partner by Plimsoll in 2011 and recognised by Best Companies to Work For in 2012. Amoungst other “firsts“, Malcolm championed an industry-best holistic training model for new entrants to the IP profession, its dedicated trainer voted Trainer of the Year.


In the UK, Concerto IP is regulated by IPReg (the Intellectual Property Regulation Board). We’re bound by IPReg’s Code of Conduct and also its special Code for Certified IP Litigators. We are members of CIPA (the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys).

On a European level, we’re bound by the EPI Code of Conduct. EPI (European Patent Institute) regulates and supports the profession of European Patent Attorney in the UK and the other 38 Member States which make up the European Patent Convention community.

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