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“Malcolm is someone I will never forget. He has an amazing ability to see things from another angle, is one of the most influential people I have ever met, and knows how to get results.”

Director of IP, US Company; September 21, 2011

“Malcolm has a notably creative as well as also an analytical way of thinking about problems…The above applies especially when considering the creative work of his 2013 and 2015 Journal papers…These papers are remarkable original efforts that disclose complex and new propositions in a structured, vivid, descriptive and colourful way which makes them accessible and engaging to the Journal readers”

Former Appeal Board Chair, European Patent Office, Germany; August 28, 2015

““One of the most creative legal arguments I’ve come across”.”

VP, Intellectual Property, Fortune 500 Company [name withheld]; October 2005

“… I was impressed with the steps he was taking to implement his (clearly passionately held) beliefs on how IP services should be designed and delivered to clients. Malcolm later implemented what is nearly always the very risky step of rebranding his organization, following a well-defined process … uniquely sophisticated for a professional services business…Malcolm is an unusual find in the IP services field.”

Chief Operating Officer, International Bank; November 3, 2014

“Malcolm … has a refreshingly intelligent, direct and visionary approach to business which I found inspiring.”

Creative Director, UK Graphic Designers; February 5, 2015

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