People Policy

Valuing and rewarding talent, application, initiative and commitment to our applicable Core Values – regardless of your position in our business.

Concerto IP is wholly committed to equality and to valuing diversity within our human resources.

We are pleased to be members of IPInclusive.

Talent Acquisition

IP Professionals

If you have a passion for IP, believe you have talents you can develop in the right environment and you see IP and IP services in their overall business context, feel free to start a private conversation with us. We’d love to hear from you, regardless of your current level in the profession.

Students Considering an IP Career

If you are thinking about joining the IP profession as a student and would like some information about our training opportunities, send an email request to us at

Concerto IP is committed to holistic training of new entrants to the profession. We operate a policy, approved by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board, to deliver industry-leading “whole person” training.

IP Inclusive

Concerto IP and IPInclusive’s other members are united by a belief in workforce diversity and a commitment to ensure the IP professionals of the present and future encourage, embrace and sustain it.

Workforce diversity enlists variety in perspective, experience, context, culture and more to influence fixed models of thought, value and behaviour. This influence brings value to the IP professions, their individual members, the IP system and IP consumers.