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Light in low gear

It’s fascinating that scientists from time to time think the unthinkable.  Here, this MIT group have actually merged mass-less photons of light together to get … well, a new form of light, one where the photons have mass and a slower speed.  So, if gaining mass also slowed the photons down, as this paper says, […]

Painless, self-administered, dissolving – Microneedle Patches

Here’s something in an area where we’ve worked on IP – microneedle patches.   There’s been a lot of news flow on this technology but this piece is worth singling out as it’s a report on Phase I trials.  Virtually painless, capable of self-administration and the microneedles themselves dissolve whilst still penetrating the skin – fascinating, […]

Competition in Space

Japan actually started putting GPS satellites up a few years ago. Apart from the US, Russia, China, the EU and India have satellites in place, some constellations currently with just regional coverage and not yet fully operational. It does look like the accuracy of the US GPS system doesn’t fulfill some modern commercial objectives in […]