EPC Patent Costs – Lifetime Budget Tool

This new EPC patent costs tool is designed for use by US patent attorney and patent agent principals.  It looks to be a first of its type in the EPC patent procurement arena.

Key features of our EPC patent costs budget tool
  • We designed the tool to generate an indicative lifetime budget that you can use to help manage client expectations of EPC patent costs
  • Use the tool to guide your clients to representative costs for EPC patent procurement which:
    • cover the whole journey to its end point of nationally confirmed EPC patent rights
    • include prosecution costs, the cost of paying EPO renewal fees and the formal costs which occur around EPC patent issue
  • The base we used is a fixed-model EPC patent application originating in PCT.  But you should find the tool useful for EPC applications in general
  • In the figures guided, we included the official fees applicable to the model, our assessed European attorney costs and the expected third party issue-stage costs such as translation
  • We organised expenses by Year, with Quarter and Half-Quarter divisions, in order to help your client CFO’s to produce in-house budgets
  • We gave the tool an interactive format that:
    • allows you to insert additional costs attributable to your own services
    • permits £sterling and $US inputs and outputs
    • includes a user-variable FX rate field
  • The tool displays prosecution with 1-office action and 2-office actions
  • We provide transparent Assumptions and Advisories so that you can ensure your client has a full picture
How to get the EPC patent procurement tool

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