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Charles Grimes

Charles Grimes Limited; Management Consultant/Psychologist

I first worked with Malcolm when he was CEO of HLBBshaw (later Avidity). I’d been selected to design and run a Personal and Team Effectiveness programme throughout the organisation, starting with the top team and then later cascading downwards.

I find working with Malcolm refreshing. There is the boundless energy – he’s someone who has no intention of slowing down and still has LOTS to do – and he’s also someone who knows what he wants and is able to articulate it clearly.

But perhaps most important, from my perspective, is that as a leader he is unusually aware that business is largely about people and relationships - he’s fascinated by clients and colleagues…what makes them tick, what motivates them, how best to approach them. I've always thought he was as interested in the people side of things as in the “results” - a great quality in any leader.

November 30, 2015, Charles was a management consultant to Malcolm's former company

Charles Grimes, Charles Grimes Limited; Management Consultant/Psychologist November 30, 2015

Grant Adams

Partner, Fisher Adams Kelly; Australian Patent Attorney

I have dealt with Malcolm professionally on UK and European IP matters since 1985 when he was in sole practice. Client matters have included patent opposition and appeal work in the European Patent Office, which was successful for our clients, and a stream of patent and trade mark prosecution projects.

Throughout this relationship, I have always been very impressed by Malcolm's professional knowledge and skills. I am very happy to recommend Malcolm for his expertise.

October 12, 2015; Grant was Malcolm’s client

Grant Adams, Partner, Fisher Adams Kelly; Australian Patent Attorney October 12, 2015

Dr Ursula Kinkeldey

Former Chair, Board of Appeal, European Patent Office (EPO); Former Permanent Member, EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal; Patentanwältin (German Patent Attorney); European Patent Attorney

Malcolm is best known to me by means of his important legal papers from 2013 regarding the law of priority under the European Patent Convention. This legal subject especially interested me when I was chairperson of an Appeal Board of the European Patent Office, later Enlarged Board of Appeal member. Therefore, I was very glad to be a peer reviewer when Malcolm came to me with his request.

Malcolm has a notably creative as well as also an analytical way of thinking about problems. His work in the critical subject area of partial/multiple priority contains masterful analysis of the existing law, which stands out through enabling the varied opinions of appeal boards and national courts during 15+ years to be appreciated as one context. Malcolm had courage to blend synthesis with analysis by giving his opinions and insights, which make his work more remarkable.

The above applies especially when considering the creative work of his 2013 and 2015 Journal papers that are particularly dealing with the so-called “Toxic Priority” problem - a novel IP concept that first came to attention in 2005 submissions by Malcolm to my Appeal Board. These papers are remarkable original efforts that disclose complex and new propositions in a structured, vivid, descriptive and colourful way which makes them accessible and engaging to the Journal readers.

Malcolm’s papers make an invaluable contribution in this whole matter, and catalysed discussion in IP communities to significantly help make sure of the addition of partial/multiple priority and the up to then “hidden” concept of Toxic Priority to the EPO’s judicial agenda. Chapeau!

August 28, 2015; Dr Kinkeldey peer reviewed some of Malcom’s published law papers

Dr Ursula Kinkeldey, German and European Patent Attorney; formerly Chair, Board of Appeal, European Patent Office (EPO) August 28, 2015

Andrew Sharman

Relationship Director at Barclays Bank plc

I worked with Malcolm over a number of years and always found him to be a strong and strategic leader. His ability to combine senior leadership with the details of management allowed him to guide the business through a relatively challenging period, and to bring all the stakeholders with him.

May 1, 2015; prior to joining his present bank, Andrew represented Malcolm’s company’s bankers and was Malcolm’s principle senior point of contact there [following this testimonial, Andrew moved on to a position at KPMG and is now Relationship Director at HSBC)

Andrew Sharman, Associate Director, KMPG; formerly Relationship Director, Barclays Bank plc May 1, 2015

Jeff Lloyd

Founder Partner, Saliwancik, Lloyd & Eisenschenk; Adjunct Professor, University of Florida, Levin College of Law; US Patent Attorney

I have known Malcolm professionally for almost 20 years, working with him on a number of occasions in my capacity as outside counsel for US corporate clients in the pharmaceutical industry, and most closely during opposition proceedings concerning pharmaceutical formulations. His diligence and attention to detail are unmatched, he is quick to grasp the heart of a matter across a wide range of technologies, and his strategic planning and strength of advocacy are superb.

I unhesitatingly give my highest recommendation of Malcolm as counsel for European IP matters.

March 12, 2015; Jeff was Malcolm’s client

Jeff Lloyd, US Patent Attorney and Founder Partner, Saliwancik, Lloyd & Eisenschenk; Adjunct Professor, Levin College of Law, University of Florida March 12, 2015

Gregory Howison

US Patent Attorney, Partner - Munck Wison Mandala, formerly Managing Partner - Howison & Arnott

Malcolm Lawrence and I have had a professional relationship for over 30 years in the intellectual property area. Malcolm has handled numerous cases before the European Patent Office for some fairly high profile clients of our firm to whom patents are an important asset, in some cases helping the client solve quite challenging issues. I have relied upon Malcolm's high level of problem-solving IP expertise and strong attention to detail, as well as the docketing system and organizational structure which Malcolm built into his firm, to ensure the seamless handling of matters entrusted to him. Without exception, his professional approach to every matter that I have entrusted to him has been well-received by all of our clients.

Malcolm is at the top of my list when I have an issue requiring a high caliber of UK expertise. I have always recommended him to anybody seeking intellectual property services in Europe and I will continue to do so.

February 6, 2015; Greg was Malcolm's client

Gregory Howison, US Patent Attorney and Partner, Munck Wilson Mandala; formerly Managing Partner, Howison & Arnott February 6, 2015

Martyn Royce

Owner, Graphic Designers ltd

As a designer, I worked with Malcolm as the senior client contact on creative projects for over ten years. As part of the team Malcolm had assembled, we conceived and implemented a portfolio of modern IP services brands over this period. The biggest project by far was a complete corporate re-brand of the business rolled out in stages in 2011. As CEO, Malcolm took a leading role in this project through an in-depth process in which we were able together to create a new and highly innovative brand which was well ahead of its time - and regarded by some as avant-garde for the industry.

Such projects are always challenging, and it is only with the unusual kind of free-ranging collaboration which Malcolm brings to the table that truly innovative/creative ideas flourish and can be realized by a designer. Malcolm sees the bigger picture, possesses huge drive to achieve excellence, has the stamina and commitment to see it through and has a refreshingly intelligent, direct and visionary approach to business which I found inspiring. I hope our paths cross again.

February 5, 2015; Martyn’s company was retained as graphic designers to Malcolm’s former company and was Malcolm’s principle senior point of contact there

Martyn Royce, Owner, Graphic Designers ltd February 5, 2015

Ric Piper

Chairman/FD of knowledge businesses with a Game Change; Chairman, Turbo Power Systems; formerly interim Chairman at Matchtech plc

As its inaugural (non-Patent Attorney) Chairman, I worked with Malcolm when he was the CEO of HLBBshaw (now Avidity IP) from 2006 to 2010.

As CEO, Malcolm was instrumental in successfully setting the course of HLBBshaw, which when I was appointed was in the early stages of transformation from a partnership to a corporate culture.

Malcolm was pivotal in determining and delivering a set of Core Values (Energy, Personal Standards, Teamwork …with Leadership, Skill) which underpinned the firm’s approach, allowing a step change in employee engagement and operational performance.

It was clear to me from the start that the business’s professional product made it the GoTo Patent Attorney for our clients – big & small. Malcolm was a very big part of that. Not satisfied this was enough, Malcolm led initiatives to take service standards to the next level and new entrant training standards to what I think were Industry Best.

As a Master in managing and developing client relationships, Malcolm also led Business Development initiatives, a key part of the Board’s strategy to deliver shareholder value.

In my experience in the professional services area, the course on which Malcolm‘s firm set out is one of the biggest challenges in management today. In facing up to these challenges, Malcolm was a joy to work with - whatever the challenge, he seemed always up to meeting it.

In summary, Malcolm is an unusually capable individual with a level of can-do attitude equalling that of any CEO within my experience. It’s not an overall skills set one encounters every day.

January 9, 2015; Ric was Non-Executive Chairman of Malcolm’s company and managed Malcolm

Ric Piper, Chairman/Independent Director of knowledge businesses; Chairman, Turbo Power Systems; formerly interim Chairman, Matchtech plc January 9, 2015

John Dembitz

Chairman, Lee Baron Group; Global Advisory Council Member, London Business School; formerly SEM, McKinsey & Co

I was fortunate to have been selected to serve on Avidity IP's board as a non-executive director from 2010 to 2013, and in the process got to know Malcolm well. For an IP attorney, Malcolm has a terrific grasp of business in the round, is able to think strategically, place issues in context, see the wood from the trees, and move to execution. Amoungst other things, these attributes make Malcolm effective in interactions with senior executives in the corporate world. His professional expertise in IP and as a patent attorney is clearly at the top end of the scale, which when combined with his general understanding of business is a powerful and relatively rare set of skills and expertise.

A man with considerable talent.

January 2, 2015; John was Senior Non-Executive Director on the Board of Malcolm’s Company and worked directly with Malcolm

John Dembitz, Chairman, Lee Baron Group; Global Advisory Council Member, London Business School; formerly SEM, McKinsey & Co January 2, 2015

Christian Gordon-Pullar BSc MBA

Assistant General Counsel, J P Morgan

I met Malcolm a few years ago when we both had an opportunity for Malcolm to present his IP practice to the brand management subsidiary of Standard Chartered, where I was then COO (and later, CEO). Standard Chartered had and still has a highly valuable portfolio of brands and considerable experience of IP professionals and their services. Malcolm does this sort of presentation very well, and I was impressed with the steps he was taking to implement his (clearly passionately held) beliefs on how IP services should be designed and delivered to clients. Malcolm later implemented what is nearly always the very risky step of rebranding his organization, following a well-defined process of internal brand selection, internal feedback and client feedback as well as implementing an independent feedback process through an external focus group of which I was a member. This was a very worthwhile approach, and one that is uniquely sophisticated for a professional services business unassisted by an outside branding services provider.

Combined with his professional IP skills and reputation, this additional skills set makes Malcolm is an unusual find in the IP services field. I would recommend his experience to anyone deeply involved with brand/IP protection, enforcement and commercial exploitation.

November 3, 2014; Christian was Chief Executive of the Brands Division of Standard Chartered when working with Malcolm [following this testimonial, Christian moved into a senior management position at Aon, the global professional services firm]

Christian Gordon-Pullar BSc MBA, Assistant General Counsel, J P Morgan November 3, 2014

Busso Bartels

International Patent Consulting; formerly (1) Judge, German Federal Patent Court; (2) Head of Legal Division, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO); and (3) Director of the Office of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) at WIPO

I first met Malcolm after my retirement as a judge of the German Federal Patent Court (Bundespatentgericht). Malcolm later invited me to become Of Counsel to his firm, drawing mainly on my earlier experience as Head of the PCT Legal Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization and as the Director of the Office of the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Malcolm is an individual of vision and great energy. During his period as CEO of Avidity IP, he impressed me with his initiative for a major change to create a modernized organization with a very different shape and feel to normal firms of IP lawyers. Malcolm was behind important initiatives for significantly elevating the importance of both service standards and on-going IP education, as well as pioneering an in-house training model for students newly entering the world of IP practice as a career.

In my visits to the firm, it was my observation that Malcolm’s energy and positive attitude to these challenges were noticeably reflected in the personality of the organization, especially amongst employees in supporting roles.

November 14, 2013; Busso worked directly with Malcolm in Busso’s capacity as a Distinguished Consultant to Malcolm’s company

Busso Bartels, International Patent Consulting; formerly Judge, German Federal Patent Court; Head, Legal Division, World Intellectual Property Organization November 14, 2013

Kai Larson

Vice President, Business Development and Chief Operating Officer, Signpath Pharma, Inc; formerly (1) Associate General Counsel, Sun Products Corporation; and (2) General Counsel, Napro Biotherapeutics Inc

As General Counsel of a pharmaceutical company, I was a client of Malcolm’s for over a decade. During that time, Malcolm and his firm assisted my company in various patent-related endeavours in Europe. They were responsible for prosecution of an extensive patent portfolio of complex pharmaceutical patents and Malcolm also represented us in litigation before the European Patent Office, and assisted in litigation in the U.K. courts.

Through this long association, I came to know Malcolm's competencies very well. He is an exceptional lawyer. He provided sound guidance on patent matters and is an able advocate, representing my company interests very effectively in adversarial proceedings before the EPO. He had an excellent grasp of our strategic position and provided valuable advice regarding the interplay between our patent portfolio and business interests

I was also uniformly impressed by the attention to detail, legal and technical knowledge and overall professionalism of Malcolm’s team, and particularly their conscientiousness in coordinating efforts with US outside counsel to ensure alignment of our strategy and arguments on a global basis.

I have been involved with a number of IP firms in the US, EU, and other countries. I would, without hesitation, place Malcolm and his firm in the very top tier of lawyers I have worked with.

September 25, 2013; Kai was Malcolm's client at Malcolm's previous firm

Kai Larson, US Attorney and Chief Operating Officer, Signpath Pharma; formerly Associate General Counsel, Sun Products Corporation September 25, 2013

James D. McChesney

Managing Director, Arbor Therapeutics; formerly (1) Chief Scientific Officer, Chromadex; and (2) Professor and Chair of Department of Pharmacognosy, University of Mississippi

Malcolm was lead patent attorney for our European intellectual property whilst I was Chief Scientific Officer of Napro Biotherapeutics, Inc (later renamed Tapestry Pharmaceuticals, Inc). Malcolm was a highly trusted advisor to the Company for the whole period of my office, his expertise relied upon to secure the best possible patent outcomes necessary for a business whose major asset was its IP. Malcolm clearly knew the European IP system and its idiosyncrasies inside out and, with acquired knowledge of the Company’s business, was able to give management timely, lucid advice which it could use to make commercial decisions confidently.

My main personal interactions with Malcolm were naturally at the scientific end of the spectrum, usually in the context of adversarial IP procedures. In picking up an understanding of specialist scientific topics, my experience was that Malcolm achieved rapid comprehension of even difficult science; an hour or two’s discussion would commonly result in Malcolm producing an impressive and persuasive document a few days later which needed little if any technical adaptation from me.

I rate Malcolm very highly in his field at a number of levels.

September 2, 2013 and updated February 21, 2015; James was Malcolm's client

James D. McChesney, Managing Director, Arbor Therapeutics; formerly Professor/Chair Department of Pharmacognosy, University of Mississippi September 2, 2013

Sarah Sahans

Director IP (Global), Akzo Nobel; formerly Director IP, Americas at Akzo Nobel; European Patent Attorney

The experience of working at HLBBshaw (shortly to be renamed Avidity IP) for the first 7 years of my patent career was invaluable. I was fortunate to work with a number of world-class patent attorneys who strive (and succeed) to provide a dynamic, creative and flexible service moulded to suit the commercial requirements of their clients.

Malcolm is someone I will never forget. He has an amazing ability to see things from another angle, is one of the most influential people I have ever met, and knows how to get results.

September 21, 2011; Sarah directly reported to Malcolm at Malcolm's former company

Sarah Sahans, Director IP, Americas at Akzo Nobel; European Patent Attorney September 21, 2011

Michael Henson

Partner, Perkins Coie; US Patent Attorney

Malcolm heads a first class intellectual property firm in the UK. He is unquestionably an expert in his field, and US companies would be well-served using HLBBshaw to represent them in their UK and European intellectual property matters.

October 25, 2009; Michael was Malcolm's client

Michael Henson, Partner, Perkins Coie; US Patent Attorney October 25, 2009

Ralph D'Alessandro

US Patent & Trade Mark Attorney; formerly (1) Senior Attorney, Tektronix Corp; and (2) Senior Attorney, 3D Systems Inc

I had the pleasure of working with Malcolm for 13 years as Patent Counsel at 2 separate U.S. corporations. His patent and trademark prosecution work and advice was always insightful and accurate. He assisted on several international patent litigations and was thorough, readily available, and invaluable in reaching favorable conclusions. He possesses a thorough knowledge of European Patent Office practice and has assembled a team of highly competent attorneys and staff to serve his clients. He is gracious and extremely easy with whom to work.

October 19, 2009; Ralph was Malcolm's client at two successive corporations

Ralph D'Alessandro, US Patent & Trade Mark Attorney; formerly Senior Attorney, Tektronix Corp and Senior Attorney, 3D Systems Inc October 19, 2009

Richard Pitman

Head of Patents, DuPont Nutrition & Health; Head of Patents EMEA and Assistant Chief IP Counsel, DuPont Corporate Legal; formerly Executive Director & Head of Patents, LEO Pharma; European Patent Attorney and Lawyer

I had the pleasure and privilege to work with Malcolm and HLBBshaw over a number of years. Malcolm was an excellent mentor who supported me throughout my training as a patent attorney and who provided me with an excellent working environment in which to learn the profession. Both Malcolm and the team at HLBBshaw are dedicated to providing high quality advice to their clients and take a dynamic, flexible and innovative approach to counselling in IP matters. I recommend HLBBshaw as a good firm, both to work in and to work with.

September 16, 2009; Richard worked directly with Malcolm at Malcolm's former company and was an informal report to him

Richard Pitman, European Patent Attorney and Assistant Chief IP Counsel, DuPont Corporate Legal; Head of Patents, DuPont Nutrition & Health; Head of Patents EMEA September 16, 2009

Shah Makujina

Principal Member, Pharma Patent Licensing LLC; US Patent Attorney; formerly Chief Patent Counsel, Alpharma Inc

Malcolm and his Practice were a preferred vendor to Alpharma when I joined as Chief Patent Counsel in 2007. I found that status well-deserved. Not only did I continue to use their services, but I found they were the best source of good counsel on a range of matters of importance to my Company on which I had not been used to expecting such a high level of expertise from European IP counsel. This included "everyday" IP issues and, importantly, the provision of information of the highest quality on esoteric aspects of EU competition legislation relevant to the pharma industry and insightful advice in response to questions on such subjects. The firm was engaged to assist my trade mark team in bringing the Company trade mark portfolio to a next stage of portfolio management and proved highly proficient in the task.

Malcolm and his colleagues have always shown valuable awareness of our IP portfolio from various perspectives. I regard the firm as a trusted partner.

May 30, 2009; Shah was Malcolm's client when he (Shah) was Chief Patent Counsel at Alpharma

Shah Makujina, Principal Member, Pharma Patent Licensing LLC; US Patent Attorney; formerly Chief Patent Counsel, Alpharma Inc May 30, 2009

Tracy Jarman

President & CEO, Aquatrols Corporation

Malcolm's firm has handled many of our Ex-US trademark issues as well as some in the US for many years. Malcolm and his firm has provided us guidance such as when to oppose a trademark versus when not to. They bring up the business side of each decision and recognize that cost is an issue for us. I appreciate that.

Malcolm made a point to visit us when he was in the US and we are not in a major city so he had to go out of his way to do this. So while we are separated by an ocean, working with him has been very easy and fruitful.

April 16, 2009; Tracy was Malcolm's client

Tracy Jarman, President & CEO, Aquatrols Corporation April 16, 2009

David Judson

Owner, Law Office of David H. Judson; US Patent & Trade Mark Attorney; formerly (1) Assistant General Counsel, Akamai Technologies Inc; and (2) Partner, Hughes & Luce

Malcolm is the best patent attorney in the UK.

April 14, 2009; David was Malcolm's client at consecutive firms where David held senior positions

David Judson, US Patent Attorney and Founder, Law Office of David H. Judson; formerly Assistant General Counsel, Akamai Technologies Inc April 14, 2009

Kathleen Petrich

Partner, Miller Nash LLP; US Patent & Trade Mark Attorney

Malcolm and his firm are strategic counsellors in all aspects of intellectual property protection in the UK and EU. He works hard and the firm is highly responsive to U.S. attorney/client needs.

April 14, 2009; Kathleen was Malcolm's client

Kathleen Petrich, Partner, Miller Nash LLP; US Patent & Trade Mark Attorney April 14, 2009